University College Cork

UCC is the CHASSY coordinating institution and leads lead WP1 (Management).

The project coordinator, Dr. Morrissey, has extensive project management experience, having run several inter-institutional programmes including the very successful Marie-Curie Training Network, YEASTCELL.

UCC has fermentation and molecular infrastructure in the Yeast Biotechnology Laboratory (Microbiology) and bioinformatics capacity and a platform in the Laboratory of Post-transcriptional Control and Bioinformatics (Biochemistry). UCC is contributing to all of the scientific workpackages. The major contributions are… More...
fermentation and omics data collection (WP3)
integration of omics data into K. marxianus models (WP2)
development of a ribosome profiling yeast omics platform (WP2)
development of genome engineering and synthetic biology tools and resources for non-conventional yeasts (WP3)
K. marxianus chassis strain construction and evaluation (WP3)
cross platform SNP analysis of evolved strains (WP4)
reverse engineering K. marxianus to develop more robust strains (WP4)
construction and evaluation of production K. marxianus strains (WP5)

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The CHASSY Team at UCC:

No Reproduction Fee UCC Bio Chemistry. Pic John SheehanJohn Morrissey – CHASSY Coordinator
Dr Morrissey’s research spans several areas of yeast biology, biotechnology, and ecology. He is a world expert on the yeast Kluyveromyces marxianus. He will bring specific expertise on this yeast as well as experience in developing molecular tools, molecular biology, synthetic biology, and yeast genomics and physiology.

No Reproduction FeeUCC Bio Chemistry.Pic John SheehanFrancesca Doonan – Project Manager
Francesca leads Work Package 1 which encompasses the technical management of CHASSY. She is the liaison point for the scientific work package leaders, maintaining oversight of research progress and preparing reports. Francesca also manages the project’s commitment to open data, provides administrative support and is responsible for the distribution and management of finances.

No Reproduction FeeUCC Bio Chemistry.Pic John SheehanPasha Baranov – Principal Investigator
Dr Baranov is a world expert in the development of ribosome profiling approaches to study global gene expression at translation level and has extensive experience of working with high-throughput sequence data. He has developed riboseq.ORG – a platform for gene expression analysis at the transcription and translation levels.

ArunRajkumar_CHASSYprofile (00000002)Arun S. Rajkumar – Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr Rajkumar is a yeast synthetic biologist with experience in synthetic gene regulation, gene and metabolic pathway assembly, and biosensors. He will use these skills to develop Kluyveromyces marxianus into a robust synthetic biology platform.


DarrenDarren Fenton – PhD Student

Darren’s research links the yeast biotechnology and bioinformatics groups. He works in ribosome profiling, which is an emerging omics technology that  utilises high throughput sequencing of ribosome  footprints to provide translational data to CHASSY.


noemiNoemi Montini – PhD Student

Noemi has an MSc in Industrial Biotechnology. Her contribution to the project involves performing physiological studies of the yeast Kluyveromyces marxianus, as well as the new chassis strains, through chemostat fermentations. Data from these studies will feed into and improve the bioinformatics models upon which CHASSY is based.


No Reproduction FeeUCC Bio Chemistry.Pic John SheehanJavier Varela – Research Assistant





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