Technology Offerings

One of the aims of the CHASSY project is to generate exploitable outputs such as chassis yeast strains, technologies and know how. Click on the offers below to find out more about the expertise and collaboration opportunities presented here.


OleochemicalsOffer 1: Platform for the sustainable production of oleochemicals in yeast

A set of Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains that produce highly valuable oleochemicals including docosanol, octanoic acid and 8-hydroxyoctanoic acid. These strains were developed by Biopetrolia AB and Goethe University Frankfurt.






LipidsOffer 2: Platform for the sustainable production of lipids in yeast

A set of Yarrowia lipolytica strains that are engineered for the production of lipids at a high titre level. This research was developed at INRA-Micalis, Paris.







Offer 3: Platform for the sustainable production of aromatics in yeast 

A set of industrial Kluyveromyces marxianus yeast strains that produce high levels of the aromatic amino acids L-phenylalanine and L-tyrosine, and the constructs and know-how to create similar and derived strains. This technology was developed at University College Cork.





OfferGEMs 4: Genome scale metabolic models

A set of computational models for the whole metabolism of S. cerevisiae, K. marxianus and Y. lipolytica.  This research was developed at Chalmers University of Technology.






protein_quantOffer 5: Method for semi-absolute quantification
of proteins for integration in metabolic models

This technology is an improved method of protein quantification in absolute terms, which can be valuable when performing comparative proteomics on cells or strains exposed to different treatments or conditions. This research was developed at the PAPPSO proteomic facility, INRA-Micalis, Paris.

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