Nova-Institute leads WP 6 (Communication and Dissemination)

Nova-Institute is globally active in feedstock supply, techno-economic and environmental evaluation, market research, dissemination, project management and policy for a sustainable bio-based economy…


Nova-Institut lead work package 6 on dissemination and IP management. Nova especially is responsible for public outreach via the website and materials dedicated to the project but also for the outreach to dedicated stakeholders, mainly industry and SMEs to inform about the CHASSY project and the CHASSY products.

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The CHASSY Team at Nova:

GuidoGuido Müller – WP6 Leader

Guido has worked as a marketing manager in a range of areas, including for an international operating engineering service provider, responsible for  power generation, energy supply systems, automotive, and simulation software. He brings 17 years of industrial marketing experience to the CHASSY project.


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