Noemi Montini at Microbiology Society Conference 2019

Large-scale investigation of stress response mechanisms in  Kluyveromyces marxianus lead to interesting new strategies for improving the robustness of this yeast under industrial conditions.

Noemi Montini, a PhD candidate at UCC gave the talk “A large-scale investigation of stress response mechanisms in the industrial yeast Kluyveromyces marxianus” in a session on microbial physiology, metabolism and molecular biology, chaired by Gillian Fraser (University of Cambridge) and Duncan Wilson (University of Aberdeen) at the 2019 Microbiology Society conference in Belfast.


Noemi’s talk summarised the main aims of CHASSY project, focusing on the collection and analysis of OMICs data from chemostat cultures of 3 yeast species under stress to identify genomic engineering strategies to increase strain robustness under challenging industrial fermentation conditions.

noemi snip

She detailed her work on transcriptomic analysis of K. marxianus under high temperature conditions to find strategies to make it more thermotolerant. From this analysis, she identified two interesting engineering targets: the trehalose metabolism (trehalose biosynthesis is upregulated at high temperature) and some of the sugar transporters that are involved in thermotolerance.

She then concluded that OMICs data analysis from chemostat fermentation is a valid method for studying stress response mechanisms and to identify promising strategies for improving strain robustness.

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