MCF2021 – Microbial Cell Factories 2021

11th March, 25th March & 8th April 2021

The Horizon 2020 Industrial Biotechnology Projects CHASSY and TOPCAPI are co-organising the Microbial Cell Factories Webinar Series ( The theme is “Microbial Cell Factories – Biological Principles to Commercial Products”. The series will be focusing on collaborative and interdisciplinary research and research that is motivated by commercial or industry needs, as well as fundamental biological applications.

To register for free and to find out more about the series, visit the website here.

Watch available recordings:

Webinar 1

Webinar 2

Webinar 3


CHASSY recently hosted a 1 hour symposium at EFIB 2020. This session focussed specifically on advances in the use of industrial yeasts as sustainable production platforms for high value lipid and aromatic molecules. The video recording and presentations below showcase the technology and illustrate the potential with examples of proof of concept molecules.

Click here to view a recording of the symposium

Click here to view a pdf version of the presentations

CHASSY’S first viva

Macarena Larroudé successfully defended her thesis on 20th May 2020. We asked Macarena about her research and her experiences of working on a H2020 multipartner project.

Congratulations on successfully defending your PhD thesis! Could you tell us a bit about your research?

Thank you! My work, at INRAE (France), was about developing the “non-conventional” yeast Yarrowia lipolytica as a platform for the production of aromatic compounds, several of which have a high industrial value. To achieve this, first I worked on the development of synthetic biology tools dedicated for this yeast, in order to construct complex strains in a more efficient way. Read more…..

KETBIO Webinar

New Biological Tools for Increasing Efficiency and Sustainability in Manufacturing Processes.

KETBIO_logoOn 13th November 2019 CHASSY is partnering with KETBIO and  METAFLUIDICS to present a number of industry applicable biological tools and technological know-how via webinar. The focus of the CHASSY presentation will be on utilising yeast as cell factories for production of high value compounds which have applications in the cosmetic, nutraceutical and white biotechnology sectors. METAFLUIDICS is focused on cost-effective functional metagenomic screening to find novel and improved enzymes from the environment using microfluidic ultra-high-throughput technologies. Applications range from green bioenergy conversion to bioremediation and food chemistry. During the webinar, you will learn about new tools that have emerged from these projects and the benefits they can offer to industry for increasing both efficiency and sustainability in manufacturing processes.

You can register for the webinar here


September 2019

The Genetics of Industrial Microorganisms conference brought together academics and industry stakeholders to discuss the most recent advances in the use of industrial microorganisms for production of bioactive molecules, fine chemicals, flavours and more. Project coordinator, John Morrissey presented synthetic strategies for production of aromatic molecules in Kluyveromyces marxianus in a session on ‘Engineering primary metabolism for strain improvement’. The most recent outputs from the project were displayed in the CHASSY exhibition space, that was shared with TOPCAPI another H2020 Industrial Biotechnology project.

Noemi Montini at Microbiology Society 2019 in Belfast
April 2019

IMG-20190417-WA0002Noemi Montini, a PhD student at UCC, spoke at this years’ annual conference of the Microbiology Society in Belfast. She gave her talk “A large-scale investigation of stress response mechanisms in the industrial yeast Kluyveromyces marxianus” in the session on microbial physiology, metabolism and molecular biology. Read more here.



CHASSY 2019 Annual Meeting in Sitges
April 2019

CollageThe 2019 Annual Meeting took place in Sitges, Spain in April 2019. Thirty three project participants attended and contributed their expertise, creativity, and engagement to this productive and enjoyable meeting. Read more here.



CHASSY featured on Euronews
March 2019

Futuris snip 1The Futuris team from Euronews travelled to Delft in March 2019 to make a mini documentary about the CHASSY project. The documentary features Jack Pronk, Jean-Marc Daran, John Morrissey, Jasmijn Hassing and Mario Beck, who discuss and demonstrate the potential of yeast to boost and support the biobased economy. Find out more here.



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