CHASSY – New EU Yeast Biotech Project
Apr 2017

A group of European companies and research institutes are collaborating on  ‘CHASSY’, a new project aimed at changing the way we produce oils for food, nutraceuticals and cosmetics. This project will contribute to the new, green …more

Apr 2017

This video from University College Cork highlights the importance of CHASSY and yeast biotechnology in reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and palm oil:

Is humble yeast the next new wonder product?
Apr 2017

A new kind of factory is on the way, not one with walls and smokestacks but one that grows in a tank. These biology-based factories could become very important, producing anything from aviation fuel to plastics and nutritional products to …more

How to brew high-value fatty acids with brewer’s yeast
March 2017

FRANKFURT.Short-chain fatty acids are high-value constituents of cosmetics, active pharmaceutical ingredients, antimicrobial substances, aromas or soap. To date, it has only been possible to extract them from crude oil by chemical means …more

Maximising the impact of KET biotechnology
Nov 2016

The European Commission organised a second EC-Workshop “Maximising the Impact of KET Biotechnology” in Brussels on 15-16 of November 2016. The event provided an opportunity for KET Biotechnology funded project beneficiaries to show …more