A 6,000-year-old fruit fly gave the world modern cheeses and yogurts 
December 2019

CHASSY coordinator John Morrisey wrote a piece for ‘The Conversation’ to complement a recent publication in Current Biology on the ‘Origin of Lactose Fermentation in Kluyveromyces lactis by Interspecies Transfer of a Neo-functionalized Gene Cluster during Domestication‘. He describes how domestication of microbes by early humans led Kluyveromyces lactis to acquire the genes that enable lactose fermentation from its cousin K. marxianus. Read the full article here.

KETBIO webinar
November 2019

CHASSY coordinator John Morrisey gave a 15 minute presentation on CHASSY commercial outputs and their benefits to industry as part of a KETBIO webinar. KETBIO is a HORIZON 2020 funded project that is made up of a consortium of partners from across Europe to support and drive the commercialisation of biotech research within Europe.

CHASSY on Euronews
March 2019

The team from ‘Futuris’, part of Euronews, travelled to TU Delft to make a mini documentary on the CHASSY project. The documentary aired a number of times in 9 languages on Euronews.

Redesigning Yeast Factories for a Better Circular Economy
June 2018

Following a presentation given to the International Bio-based Materials Conference in Germany in May, the magazine BE Sustainable featured an interview with CHASSY coordinator, Dr John Morrissey. Read the full article here.

Gene editing to produce aromas in yeast
May 2018

Javier Varela has done it again! This time he features in a series entitled ‘Research Lives’ in the Irish Times talking about his gene editing and CRISPR work on CHASSY and a previous project, YEASTCELL ( since he moved to Ireland from Chile. Read more here.

Le projet européen “CHASSY” met les levures au travail pour produire des composés d’intérêt pour l’industrie
Jan 2018

L’unité de recherche Micalis participe à un projet européen dédié à l’utilisation de levures pour la production de composants à haute valeur ajoutée pour les secteurs de la cosmétique, de la nutrition, de la chimie et de la pharmacie. Cliquer ici pour l’article complet.

Biotechnology Features as a ‘Futureproof’ Career
Dec 2017futureproof

CHASSY Research Assistant, Javier Varela was featured in a special supplement discussing the careers of the future in an Irish newspaper. The article highlighted the research underway in the CHASSY project, and the capability of scientists to engineer yeasts for a range of biotechnology and pharmaceutical applications.

Why DNA Sequencing is Going to Become Part of our Daily Lives
Nov 2017

As costs reduce, and technology becomes more readily available, CHASSY PI Pasha Baranov writes about the unlikely and unexpected places where we might see DNA sequencing take place in the future. Read the full article here.

Yeast, waste, and the big battle against ‘stuff’
Nov 2017

According to CHASSY coordinator, yeasts ‘…can offer a compact and sustainable alternative to making the chemicals using petroleum or harvesting them from plants.’ The potential for yeast biotechnology research, like that underway in CHASSY to assist in making industry and our lifestyles more sustainable was highlighted in an article in the Irish Times during Ireland’s Science Week. As part of this national event, Dr Morrissey gave a talk entitled ‘Fermenting the Future‘ to highlight the huge potential of yeast biotechnology to enhance the sustainability of Europe’s economy and society. Read the full article here.

Yeast Biotech in EU Research magazine
Nov 2017

CHASSY features alongside two other EU-funded yeast biotechnology projects in an article that highlights the relevance of this research to our modern lives. The article focusses on the impact of yeast research in the beverage sector and in white biotech – biopharma, nutrition, cosmetics, and chemicals. Read the article in full here.

CHASSY – New EU Yeast Biotech Project
Apr 2017

A group of European companies and research institutes are collaborating on  ‘CHASSY’, a new project aimed at changing the way we produce oils for food, nutraceuticals and cosmetics. This project will contribute to the new, green …more

Apr 2017

This video from University College Cork highlights the importance of CHASSY and yeast biotechnology in reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and palm oil:

Is humble yeast the next new wonder product?
Apr 2017

A new kind of factory is on the way, not one with walls and smokestacks but one that grows in a tank. These biology-based factories could become very important, producing anything from aviation fuel to plastics and nutritional products to …more

How to brew high-value fatty acids with brewer’s yeast
March 2017

FRANKFURT.Short-chain fatty acids are high-value constituents of cosmetics, active pharmaceutical ingredients, antimicrobial substances, aromas or soap. To date, it has only been possible to extract them from crude oil by chemical means …more

Maximising the impact of KET biotechnology
Nov 2016

The European Commission organised a second EC-Workshop “Maximising the Impact of KET Biotechnology” in Brussels on 15-16 of November 2016. The event provided an opportunity for KET Biotechnology funded project beneficiaries to show …more