INRA leads WP4 (Engineering chassis yeasts for product tolerance and robustness).

INRA-MICALIS is participating in all the scientific workpackages. Their major contributions are: More...
fermentation, proteomic, and ‘omics’ data collection (WP2)
integration of ‘omics’ data into Y. lipolytica models (WP2)
development of genome engineering and synthetic biology tools and resources for Y. lipolytica (WP3)
Y. lipolytca chassis strain construction and evaluation (WP3)
cross-platform SNP analysis of evolved strains (WP4)
reverse engineering Y. lipolytica for more robust strains (WP4
construction and evaluation of prodution strains (WP5)

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Two INRA teams are participating in the project:

The CHASSY Team at BIMLip:bimlip

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tristanTristan Rossignol – WP4 Leader
ORCID ID: 0000-0003-0718-0684
Dr Rossignol is involved in functional genomic analysis of the the oleaginous yeast Y. lipolytica and in metabolic engineering for biolipid production. He has long expertise in yeast functional genomics, transcriptomic, and metabolomic engineering. He has a track record in collaborations with yeast biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic companies.

jean-marcNicJean-Marc Nicaud – Principal Investigator
Dr Nicaud leads the BIMlip group. His research spans several areas of yeast biology and biotechnology, focussing on lipid metabolism. He is a world expert on the yeast Y. lypolytica as well as having experience in developing molecular tools, molecular biology, synthetic biology, and yeast genomics and physiology. He has a strong track record in collaborating with industry on yeast biotechnology.

macarenaMacarena Larroudé – PhD Student

Macarena is involved in developing genetic engineering tools for Y. lipolytica. She is focussing specifically on genome editing and synthetic biology constructions within CHASSY.



paulinePauline Trébulle – PhD Student

Pauline is working at the interface between ‘wet’ microbiology and bioinformatics. She will provide support for metabolic modelling and data analysis.



youngYoung Kyoung Park – PhD Student

Young Kyoung is focused on metabolic engineering of Y. lipolytica for the production of lipids. She has experience of developing molecular tools, metabolic engineering of bacteria and yeasts for value-added products, and fermentation.




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VeroniqueVéronique Monnet – Principal Investigator
Véronique co-ordinates scientific projects, strategy, and management of the PAPPSO platform. She is a senior microbiologist whose work has focused on cell-cell communication systems in bacteria.


Celine HenryCéline Henry – Engineer
Céline initially trained in chemistry, but now specialises in developing mass spectrometry for proteomic analysis and characterization of post-translational modification of proteins. She has long experience in this field. She also manages the quality control of the PAPPSO platform.


aaronAaron Millan Oropeza – Postdoctoral Researcher

Aaron obtained his PhD in microbiology form the University Paris-Saclay. His current research focusses on quantitative proteomics and bioprocessing technology of high-value molecules. He will contribute to determining the proteomic profiles of the yeast strains in CHASSY.


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