Detailed guidelines for researchers working on the CHASSY project are available in the project handbook. The latest version of the handbook is always available on the Teamwork site. If you need any help locating or accessing this, please email Lucy Taylor. Some general information is available here.


⇒ What is dissemination?

Dissemination includes journal papers, conference abstracts, posters, public presentations, or any other method of presenting project results or developments to people outside of the consortium. It is an obligation of H2020 funding that each beneficiary disseminates results to the public promplty, unless this compromises the rights and concerns of the consortium.

⇒ How do I notify the consortium that I intend to disseminate results?

If you intend to disseminate, you must notify the rest of the consortium at least 30 calendar days before any publication date (or before a conference at which you intend to speak or present a poster). You can do this by emailing Lucy Taylor ( with the intended material.

⇒ How do I object to results being disseminated?

If a member of the consortium objects to the dissemination, they must notify the coordinator and the person (or people) proposing the dissemination within 20 calendar days of recieving notification of the intended dissemination. If no objection is received, the dissemination can proceed.  For more details see the image below.Capture


⇒ When is confidentiality an issue?

Many aspects of the project are commercially sensitive, so it is essential that all due care is taken to maintain strict confidentiality outside of the consortium. Discussing or writing about project results, methodologies, or goals could lead to the disclosure of confidential information. All personnel working on the project must sign a non-disclosure agreement at their place of work, and must complete an affiliation form that Lucy Taylor will keep on file. It is the responsibility of each individual to be aware of the aspects of the project that are confidential, and to take precautions not to disclose confidential information to colleagues or anyone outside of the project consortium. Information published on this website or in open access publications is not confidential and can be shared.

Roles and Structures

⇒ How is the project managed?

CHASSY is coordinated by Dr John Morrissey, University College Cork. He is assisted by work package leaders, a project management support team, and various meeting bodies and advisory committees. In addition, Dr Morrissey reports to the European Commission via the CHASSY project officer, Ioannis Vouldis. For more details, click on the image below. mgmnt structure

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