There is rising consumer demand for ingredients found in nature for health, wellness, and nutrition applications. Many of these ingredients are, however, impossible to source directly from nature in a sustainable, scalable way. Evolva combines advanced biological technologies and classical yeast fermentation to make these ingredients available for wide-spread adoption at affordable cost.

Evolva focuses on complex molecules found in nature that cannot be sourced cost-effectively or sustainably for mass-market products, except through biotechnology and fermentation. They bring sustainably-sourced, next-generation health, wellness, and nutrition ingredients to the world. Their major contributions to the project are: More...
generation of heterologous pathways for the production of target compounds in the three chassis strains (WP5)
evolving strains towards tolerance for elevated levels of target compounds (WP4)
investigating market opportunities for target compounds (WP6)
assisting in bringing CHASSY outputs to market (WP6)

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The CHASSY Team at Evolva:

Harald Heider – Senior Scientist

Harald contributes his expertise on cell signalling, assay development, and metabolic engineering to CHASSY. He also brings his background in commercialisation into the project.

Michael Naesby – Principal Investigator

Michael is leading several projects at Evolva involving yeasts producing a vast diversity of phenolic compounds.

Karin Brecht – Research Scientist

Karin is an expert in cell biology and cell metabolism. She is designing cellular assays used in the project.

Michael Eichenberger – PhD student

Michael has extensive experience in metabolic engineering of yeast. He generates most of the engineered yeasts.

Nora Weber – Research Scientist

Nora contributes her comprehensive knowledge of organic chemistry and molecular biology to the project.

David Fischer – Research Scientist

David is the chemist in the project, responsible for all analyses involving LC-MS and preparative HPLC.

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