The team from ‘Futuris’, part of Euronews Knowledge travelled to the labs of Prof Jack Pronk and Dr Jean-Marc Daran in TU Delft to film a mini documentary about the CHASSY project.

The story focusses on how CHASSY is using genetic engineering to enable yeast to make valuable chemicals more efficiently. As Prof Pronk says “We need to rewire the way in which they convert sugars into products to make sure that almost every molecule of sugar that enters the yeast cell comes out as product.”

Futuris snip 4PhD student Jasmijn Hassing explained to the producers how they have used plant genes to enable some yeasts to produce aromas such as rose, which not only helps the lab to smell better, but is also a valuable ingredient for the cosmetics industry.

Futuris snip 5The focus of the CHASSY project is really on making yeasts that not only produce these chemicals, but that are robust enough to make them in large quantities at a scale that is commercially viable for industry. CHASSY co-ordinator, Dr John Morrissey detailed the up-scaling process within the project and the hope that CHASSY will make the innovation process for many biobased products much quicker as much of the ground work will have been done already within the project.

You can watch the story in 8 different languages using the links below:

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