Engineering Yeast for Industrial Biotechnology

New prospects and opportunities for industry

On 21st March 2018, we held a webinar that provided an update on how the latest developments in yeast research can be applied to the industrial biotech sector. In a discussion moderated by John Morrissey, co-ordinator of the CHASSY project, Jack Pronk and Jens Nielsen addressed how molecular technologies, strain engineering and systems biology can and are being used to construct yeast strains that produce commercial products, from ethanol to high value metabolites.

60 people from around the world attended the webinar. If you’d like to be invited to future events, sign up to our SME stakeholder group.


Jack Pronk and Jens Nielsen are two of Europe’s leading researchers in yeast biotechnology. They have extensive experience of working at the interface between academia and industry. They have distinguished academic records, are both recipients of ERC awards, and have outstanding publication records. In addition, they are committed to translating their fundamental research into biotechnological applications and have ongoing collaborations with multinationals and SMEs in the yeast biotechnology sector.

csm_Jack Pronk (2)_bf290f31d2 Prof Jack Pronk

Professor of Industrial Microbiology
Technical University of Delft



jnielsen_665x330Prof Jens Nielsen

Director of Systems and Synthetic Biology,  Chalmers University of Technology
Chief Scientific Officer Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability
Editor in chief of FEMS Yeast Research

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