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TUD leads WP3 (Constructing Synthetic Metabolic Networks).

CHASSY is an excellent match with the core expertise of the two PIs from TUDelft. Jean-Marc Daran is an expert in yeast molecular genetics, genomics and synthetic biology, while Jack Pronk specializes in microbial physiology, metabolic and evolutionary engineering. The infrastructure at TUD fully supports the proposed activities in controlled bioreactor cultivation, genomics and molecular/synthetic biology. TUD will participate in all scientific workpackages. Their major contributions are…More...
fermentation and omics data collection (WP2)
development of genome engineering and synthetic biology tools and resources (WP3)
engineering of precursor supply in CHASSY  platform strains (WP3)
evolutionary and reverse metabolic engineering of robust strains (WP4)
characterisation of production strains (WP5)

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The CHASSY Team at TUD:

csm_Jean-Marc Daran_f9829e72d6Jean-Marc Daran – WP3 Leader
Dr Daran’s research aims to understand metabolism and its regulation in industrial microorganisms, with a focus on yeasts.  His current interests include genomics of hybrid yeasts, expanding the yeast genetic engineering toolbox for construction of complex pathways leading to plant metabolites, aroma compounds and advanced biofuels.

csm_Jack Pronk (2)_bf290f31d2Jack Pronk – Principal Investigator
Professor Pronk leads the Industrial Microbiology group in TUD. This multinational team seeks to understand micro-organisms in industrial contexts and to improve and extend their industrial applications by combining quantitative physiology, synthetic biology and genomics approaches.

Jasmijn Hassing – PhD Student


Mario Beck – PhD Student

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