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Chalmers leads WP2 (Improvement and Application of GEMs in Yeasts).

The Systems and Synthetic Biology group at Chalmers was established in 2008. It is one of the world leading research groups within systems biology, metabolic engineering, and industrial biotechnology of S. cerevisiae. Its research involves the development of new cell factories for production of different chemicals and fuels using synthetic biology tools.

The main contributions from Chalmers are…More...
fermentation of the different yeast species under stress conditions
collection and analysis of omics data
integration of the omics data into the GEMs
addition of kinetic data an product pathwats to the models
design of engineering strategies and analysis of data derived from the engineered and evolved strains
development of metabolite sensors
construction and fermentation of S. cerevisiae chassis strains

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The CHASSY Team at Chalmers:

verenaVerena Siewers – WP2 Leader
Dr Siewers is a senior researcher and project leader at Chalmers, where she directs research projects focussing on the production of fuels and chemicals using yeast as a cell factory. She has experience in genetic engineering of fungi, metabolic engineering of S. cerevisiae and the development of synthetic biology tools for this purpose.


jnielsen_665x330Jens Nielsen – Principal Investigator
Professor Nielsen is head of the Systems and Synthetic Biology division and professor of quantitative systems biology at Chalmers. He is a world leader in the field of metabolic modelling and metabolic engineering. He has expertise in industrial biotechnology and management.


tylerTyler Doughty – Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr Doughty is working to generate omics datasets for the production of genome scale models, which relies on steady state cultivation of yeasts in chemostats. He is also using synthetic biology to engineer biosensors to detect intracellular metabolites in yeast. Ultimately, this work will increase the efficiency of future strain engineering by aiding rational strain design and facilitating large-scale screening for changes in metabolite production.

YasamanYasaman Dabirian – PhD Student

Yasaman works in synthetic biology, focussing on designing and developing metabolite biosensors for accelerating cell factory development. Metabolite biosensors have great potential for high-throughput screening purposes as well as for dynamic regulation of metabolic pathways. More specifically, the biosensors that she is working on will improve the production of chemicals and fuels in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.


IvanIvan Domenzain – PhD Student

Iván works with the development of genome scale metabolic models (GEMs) for different yeast species and the automatization of the enzymatic data collection and integration processes that are necessary for the extension of these to enzyme constrained models. His background as a chemical engineer is in mathematical modelling and computational simulation of various physico-chemical systems.


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