Biopetrolia AB focusses on the sustainable production of fatty-acid derived products for chemicals, food ingredients, personal care products and pharmaceuticals.

Biopetrolia AB will be responsible for metabolic engineering of the different chassis strains towards the production of specific target products. Their major contributions to the project are… More...
expressing and screening of heterologous enzymes while increasing precursor supply to improve production (WP5)
increasing tolerance towards target products and further increasing production capacities (WP4)
developing proof-of-principle cell factory strains for production of target products
optimizing titer, rate, and yield of target products
pilot-scale production through partnerships with contract manufactures delivering product for validation studies with customers

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The CHASSY Team at Biopetrolia:

Florian David – Principal Investigator
Co-founder of Biopetrolia, Florian specialises in biotechnology with a focus on
holistic bioprocess optimization. He brings expertise in upstream strain development, bioprocess optimization, and downstream processing. He has also worked in the development of high throughput screening tools for efficient cell factory development. Florian is the chair of the Knowledge Transfer Committee.

Anastasia Krivoruchko – Principal Investigator

Co-founder of Biopetrolia,  Anastasia specialises in biochemistry, biotechnology, and  molecular biology. Her focus is on producing biofuels, bulk chemicals, and specialty
chemicals in yeast, as well as creating synthetic biology tools. She has extensive experience in engineering of different metabolic pathways including amino acid metabolism, fatty acid metabolism, acetyl-CoA metabolism and isoprenoid metabolism.

Stefan Tippman – Research Scientist


Zongjie Dai – Research Scientist


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