Beer, Bread, and Biotech

ISSY33-369Beer, Bread, and Biotech is an exhibition that brings visitors on a journey through the past, present, and future of the links between humans and yeast. Beginning with the history of lager yeast and the origins of many fermented foods and beverages, through to the use of yeast for biofuels, pharmaceuticals, the bio-based economy, and the current research into chassis strains for the production of valuable molecules, the exhibition is broad in range.

On the 28th of June, the exhibition launched in Cork, Ireland. CHASSY partner Evolva ISSY33-309presented their work on producing the anti-oxidant resveratrol in yeast and Noemi Montini answered questions from the public on the role of yeast and other microbes in developing the biobased economy, and on developments in the production of biofuels in yeast over the last number of decades. John Morrissey gave a 30 minute lecture to attendees in which he outlined the current research ongoing in CHASSY and placed this in the context of the role of yeast in European social history since the discovery of brewing.

ISSY33-379The event was a success, with attendees acknowledging the importance of yeast biotechnology in developing the biobased economy. The original idea for this event came from another EU-funded project coordinated by UCC, Yeastcell. The Yeastcell project, a Marie Curie training network, is in its final year. The hope is that CHASSY will be able to develop the exhibition further and run similar events across partner countries between now and the project close in 2020.

If you’re interested, you can read the exhibition guide here.


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