‘Industrial biotechnology represents an important group of energy efficient conversion technologies with full climate change mitigation potential ranging between 1bn and 2.5 bn tons CO2 equivalent per year by 2030.’ – World Wildlife Federation


The main research goal of CHASSY is to develop platform strain of the yeasts Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Kluyveromyces marxianus, and Yarrowia lipolytica to facilitate the production of high value oleochemicals and aromatic molecules for applications in the cosmetic, food, fuel, chemical, nutraceutical, and pharmaceutical sectors. More...
Products made in these optimised strains will contribute to the European bio-based economy and help to replace petrochemicals and palm oil as sources of molecules for the chemical, cosmetic, and fuel industries. The strains will also facilitate sustainable production of plant-based nutrition, flavour, and pharmaceutical products.

Innovation and Market Growth

Guido @ BMC

Guido Mueller, nova-Institute GmbH with Katharina Desmet, Flanders Investment & Trade.

The know-how and technologies developed in CHASSY will be transformative and disruptive, driving further innovation and development in the bio-based sector in Europe. CHASSY will overcome current bottlenecks and restrictions in the use and development of microbial cell factories. More...
The students and researchers working on CHASSY will be highly trained and innovative. They will move from CHASSY into the commercial sector and transfer knowledge from academia to industry. Researchers and companies from across Europe are able to access project data through an Open Data policy.
By advocating transparency, communication, and positive innovation, CHASSY will increase awareness of and support for biotechnology and synthetic biology and for products produced using these technologies.
Increased awareness of the bio-based economy and microbial cell factories will help to open new markets and boost demand from consumers.

SME Sector and Collaboration

CHASSY proactively engages with SMEs through the SME stakeholder group to foster collaboration, increase impact, and facilitate knowledge transfer. More...
CHASSY is contributing to the growing SME sector by ensuring that the scientific innovations delivered by the project are  disseminated to SMEs in the biotech sector. This will foster further innovation and guarantee that all know-how and technology from the project is utilised for the advancement of a sustainable, bio-based SME sector in Europe.